• NELJA.RU Children's and Family Recreation Park
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NELZHA.RU is a multifunctional park complex for children and families 50 km away from Voronezh!

It is 70 000m2 of history, culture, fairy tales and adventures.

The heart of the park is the Forest Residence of Santa Claus, where miracles happen not only during the New Year holidays, but all year round! All winter here is ruled by a real Ded Moroz, and in his absence, the mistress of magical characters from different fairy tales.

Around the Forest residence, in the picturesque area there are unique objects: Pre-revolutionary Zemsky School with an exhibition of clay toys of Russia, museum ethno-complex of three peasant houses of the XIX century - Sokolov Khutor, Animal Farm with magic mini-ponies, goats, horses, rabbits and chickens, Fairy Forest - possessions of Baba Yaga with the hut and the kingdom of Koschey, Theater tent of Fairy Tales, Glorious garden with a stand of a Mint Unicorn, the School of the Young Explorer and an obstacle course, laser tag, soccer and volleyball fields, children's play complex, sensory path and an interactive sandpit, the atmospheric cafe "Tulinov Dacha" and locations for rest and walks.

There is a quiet forest, clean air, amazing sunsets and peaceful atmosphere.

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Воронеж, Рамонский р-н, c. Нелжа, ул. Лесная, 40

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NELZHA.RU regularly hosts costume play programs, children's exercises and discos, sports competitions, holidays and cultural events for children and adults. Here you can celebrate a child's birthday, a family holiday or a corporate party, spend an active weekend in the fresh air and just have a rest from the city fuss.

Historical traditions, everyday life and teachings of one of the oldest villages in the region have been revived, maintained and developed here to this day, and the park's game programs focus on bringing up important values such as kindness, nobility and honor in children, teaching and adapting children to society, history and culture.

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Anastasia Borodkin
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Janina Anuchina
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