We always deliver!

 Our doors are 24/7 open for global talent who want to be part of revolutionizing the world of deliveries and are ready to enter one of the hottest and fastest developing technologies of our times - autonomous driving. 

  • Our self-driving robots are one of the best in the world, but there is always room to improve. So any talent wanting to work on the robot hardware / platform / electronics topic(s), is welcome to join our engineering, manufacturing or tech support teams! 
  • The software that ensures our robots do what they are expected to do, is constantly evolving and if you want to work with some of Skype’s first engineers, then they are ready to incorporate you to their team! 
  • Our backoffice teams are small but agile - they onboard you quickly and give relevant tasks to perform and learn from! 

We aim to integrate our interns into our daily company life offering them networking opportunities, mentor, company and team events. The cherry on top - our Tallinn team is so diverse that even in COVID-era you can’t stop but would keep expanding your global network! 
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We value team members

We value team members who are ready to learn with each journey, who take data driven decisions, work as one team, who conquer every challenge and strive to always deliver! As we have a growth mindset, we are always looking for talented individuals who want to contribute and be part of our success. By joining us you have the opportunity to be part of a revolutionary environmentally friendly service and to be part of the future of delivery. 

We believe inclusion and feedback is very important and for this reason we share our gratitude towards each other, with traditions like sharing “Kudos” at every company weekly meeting that every employee is invited to. We also organise a “Guess Who” game allowing employees from different locations and teams to get to know each other a little better through entertaining topics. Our employees value the most that we include people from all teams into discussions about growth and development of processes and tools, a positive company and team spirit, transparency in communication, honest feedback and flexible working hours.

About Starship

Starship Technologies is revolutionizing deliveries with autonomous robots. We aim to deliver convenience with the help of modern technology, transforming delivery into something a bit extraordinary. The robots are designed to deliver food,  groceries, and packages across college campuses and neighbourhoods in minutes. Starship delivery robots have completed over 1 million autonomous deliveries to date, traveled over 1m miles, crossed over 15 million roads and met millions of people in cities around the world. Every day our delivery robots are completing thousands of autonomous deliveries across tens of cities and 5 countries around the world.
With the future in mind, we make a small step towards reducing pollution in communities by providing zero emission delivery. 

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