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The concept ofP H E R E is to offer exclusive solutions by creating unique interiors with innovative Fine Art pieces that push the boundaries of nature, art and cutting-edge scatter design. The Atmosphere Deviser is a combination of glass art, pure nature and aromatherapy effects.

Glass artists Kateriin Rikken and Maria Tamm have given life to a glass form that lasts from generation to generation and whose functionality is the result of your imagination. Valuing the environment and the health of us all, Phére uses only 100% pure essential oils in their fragrance blends.
Phére's mission, together with its customers, is to contribute to the continuation of a valuable skill and an endangered art form for future generations to surround themselves with..
with unique and timeless beauty

Create your own unique atmosphere on a journey where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

206 Days to Go
Opening on 19.04.24
Interior 2024

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