An excellent opportunity for everyone who plans to start building their own home soon!

Meresalu registered immovables are located by the sea on Pakri Peninsula, just a 40-minute drive from Tallinn. The registered immovables are covered with a forest park of beautiful old trees, junipers and coastal pines. Nearby is a private sandy beach, where you can also launch a boat or fish.
You can find detailed information about the registered immovables on the website of our partner, Prisma Kinnisvarad. We offer a loan secured with property on good conditions if you would like to buy a registered immovable in Meresalu.

NO CHARGE for entering into the loan agreement.

The required self-financing is 40% of the price of the registered immovable.

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The provisional annual percentage rate on a credit card secured by real estate collateral is 7.32% on the following sample terms:
credit amount € 10 000, repayment over 10 years in 120 monthly annuity payments, agreement fee € 150, interest not fixed 6 months’ Euribor + margin 6.65% per annum (as at 29.12 2017, the 6 months’ Euribor is -0.27% per annum; the negative value of Euribor is equated to zero when interest is calculated; Euribor may change every 6 months), account management monthly fee € 0,50, total credit amount € 13 927,52 and total of repayments € 13 717,52.
The rate is calculated on the assumption that the credit amount is used in full immediately and that its principal and interest will be repaid in monthly annuity payments. When credit is received, an insurance agreement needs to be concluded for the collateral. The rate does not include any expenses related to providing or the collateral. Before you conclude an agreement, we advise you to review the terms and conditions of the financial service and, if necessary, consult a specialist.

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