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Iizi Kindlustusmaakler AS

The Expo Manager approached us and introduced the project. The Project itself was new and the solution totally different and exciting. Our company's wish is to offer our clients daily new and innovative solutions. OnlineExpo's concept fitted with our vision very well and so we decided to take part and give Online Expo a chance. Virtual Expo is definitely a new and very exciting solution.

Veka Kommerts OÜ

The Project caught our attention with it's new and innovative approach. We found the format that offers us an online direct communication with clients normally hard to reach inviting. Clients were interested from the project thanks to the new approach and it also boosted our homepage's traffic.

Bauer Veetehnika OÜ

We are experienced Expo participants. Expos give us a chance communicate with a potential client, have a immediate product demo and other exemplary activities. We took part in the OnlineExpo HomeExpo and our opinion is that our stand had enough visitors. But as during the first HomeExpo the communication channel solution had it's shortages then the number of contacts was less than we expected. Then again we were able to share our materials to the specific target group- home owners.
We found the Virtual Expo to be something that takes time to get use to but definitely an innovative and an exciting solution. We will take part from the next projects as we already know what aspects need more attention and what to expect.


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