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Product introduction


Sale of micro cement

We sell the products for professionals who have undergone microcement installation training. In this way, the professional installer can achieve the result worthy of Topcret name and quality, which is beautiful and durable.

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Microcement installation training

To apply Topcrets products correctly, it is necessary to go through practical training. During the training, you can get acquainted with the products and their use, and practice.

The course will be held by professionals who are trained in Spain with Topcrets manufacturer.

Interior finishing works

  • Eco-coating (acrylic, lacquer, lime, self-adhesive, lacquer, etc.)
  • Painting (levelling, tapping, painting, painting, etc.)
  • Decorative works
  • Installation of micro cement
  • Interior design
  • Finishing training and consulting

Photo trays with mounting. The wallpaper choice is wide, and the photo printed on the wallpaper is matter of your imagination.
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