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Antiigiveeb is a treasure trove for antique and restoration fans in which you will find all of the information you need about antique stores, restorers, trainers, heritage conservation, restoration aid, interesting objects under heritage conservation and other fascinating things.

Antiigiveeb also holds courses and restoration camps at during the day, in the evening or on weekends at which we share our knowledge of real estate and item restoration. Our favourite subjects include clay and lime plaster, reed board plastering and flour paint.

We also offer our own restoration services. We will help you fix your windows, furniture, floor, boarding and building as a whole. We use natural finishing materials. You can also come to us if you need consultation prior to starting renovations. We will inspect the site, analyse its problems (e.g. logs, foundations, roof, beams, windows or doors), give you a professional appraisal and help you find the best solution.

You can find online store on our website as well, where we have included partners who sell quality products we use for our services.




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