The University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw

The University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw is one of the best private art and technical university that meets Polish and European standards.

UE&M received the certificate "Good University - Good job".

Our university specializes in the following areas: architecture, interior design, landscape design, design, civil engineering, environmental protection, management, management and production engineering, mechanics and machine construction, as well as computer engineering (computer science). You can study in Polish or English. Candidates who do not have a language certificate are recommended to take an intensive preparatory language course at the university, where we have many years of experience. Our alumni are also winners of various competitions in Poland and around the world.

UE&M offers a double degree program in Management. Students of Business Management spend one year of study in the United States, afterwards, they can receive an American diploma issued by Herzing university. A unique double degree program allows our students within 4 years of education instead of 6 years of studying, receive the Polish diploma and the American diploma alike. A huge advantage of the program is that you can save financial and time resources! The program allows participants to expand the horizons of their professional opportunities, without limiting themselves to a country or continent!

The Faculty of Architecture of UE&M is one of the elite group of several best architectural and construction faculties from all over Poland!

Due to the approval of the UEA application by the European Commission and the EU Member States, the UE&M Architecture Diploma is the basis for automatic recognition of professional qualifications and opens the way to the full right to practice the profession of architect in the European Union!




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