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Macarons business - How to open your own Confectionery at the age of 20. Sweet Business from scratch

Delicate and airy macaroons are extremely popular all over the world, and undoubtedly burst into the life of every Bishkek resident! The lucky ones who have tried this dessert can say with confidence that they are distinguished by an amazing dough structure, as well as a light taste. Today we visited Sabina Temiraliyeva's Street Baker, which promoted and made this type of dessert super-popular.

In this episode, we'll find out:

  • Where did the founder of Street Baker start?
  • How is the cooking process?
  • And how much can you earn on this?

Chicken Business: Unique Zero Waste Poultry Farm [in Kyrgyzstan]

One of the successful types of animal husbandry is the poultry farm. This is almost waste-free production - meat, eggs, feathers and even litter - everything goes into business. But, is everything as easy as it seems?

Why do you have to strip naked to go inside?
In this issue, we will be reviewing the large and innovative Agrokush poultry farm, which is located in Issyk-Kul.

We will show in detail not only the entire production process from eggs to chickens, but also all the figures and interviews with managers.
- How did it all start?
- Profitability of production?
- What problems arose in the process?
- Where do they deliver their products?

GIANT $450 MILLION FACTORY PARK – Big overview of TECHNOPARK in Tashkent

Today is a BIG issue about a mind-blowing PLANT, or rather a CITY or a PARK of Factories, where a HUGE amount of goods is produced - TECHNOPARK in Tashkent. The technopark was founded on the territory of a former Soviet factory, where IL-76 aircraft were assembled. The territory of the plant is more than 150 hectares. The plant was empty for a long time, but the Government of Uzbekistan was able to breathe new life into this plant, and this is how the Technopark appeared.

$60M Amusement Park - The Big Look

Uzbekistan never ceases to amaze with its development in all areas. By June 1, 2021, the city administration has made an excellent gift for children. The theme amusement park Magic City ("Magic City") has opened in Tashkent, which has no analogues in Central Asia.
And I also visited this park, and met with Sanjar Isabayev, the director of the park, and prepared this issue for you!

Watch the episode and find out everything:
???? From conception to discovery,
???? The amount of investment and payback,
???? Maintenance and expenses of the park,
???? Partners, rent and business inside the magical city ✨
???? The number of people visiting the park.

Business on antennas: Started a business with 1000 soms [Matkasymov] / Business from scratch

Do you remember, dear friends, that in 2017 there was a complete shutdown of analogue television broadcasting? The transition to digital television has led many people to buy set-top boxes to watch their favorite TV channels. The people bought set-top boxes from different manufacturers in Russia, China, Belarus, etc., but the prefix "Matkasymov" became the most famous of all. And today we came to Matkasymov himself, he kindly agreed to give us an interview.

In this interview you will see:
- The path from a thousand soms to millions
- The origins of the company "Matkasymov"
- What does this company produce besides consoles?

HOW TO OPEN A COFFEE SHOP? How Much Does a Coffee Shop Owner Make? / Business on COFFEE

Coffee has become an integral part of life in Bishkek. And a lot of people simply cannot imagine their morning without a cup of coffee. And the coffee business is becoming an attractive niche for aspiring entrepreneurs.

We talked with Aibek Dzhangaziyev, a businessman and owner of the BELLAGIO coffee chain, and decided to tell you:
???? How Bellagio Coffee appeared;
????About the varieties of coffee and the history of consumption;
???? What investments are needed in a coffee house, possible revenue, and the impact of the coffee business on the economy of Kyrgyzstan.

Electric vehicle business from China

Today, the cost of gasoline, gas, diesel fuel is constantly growing. There is no end in sight to this. At the same time, the air is constantly polluted. Objectively, the question arose about electric vehicles.
In this issue, I tried to understand the topic of electric vehicles: how profitable it is to do it, are electric cars imported from China really that good.


The most technologically advanced five-star hotel in Kyrgyzstan worth $28 million is NOVOTEL Bishkek City Center.

It's no secret that opening a hotel is a labor-intensive business, it requires considerable expenses, and most importantly, it pays off for a long time. Especially if it's a unique hotel with electric charging stations for electric cars, laundry costing 150 thousand euros and a gourmet restaurant????‍????

Then WHY INVEST in the construction of a hotel?

FEW PEOPLE KNOW how a metal processing plant works

Nowadays, when the cost of metal has increased, it is very important to optimize its processing so that it has a positive impact on the cost of building any object.

That is why we visited a metal processing plant and found out:
- Payback and profit
- How the plant works inside: equipment and welding robots, planning, structural design and development; specialists
- How does the activity of this plant affect the economy of the country?

Trout Business: How to Raise Fish / How to Make Money Selling Fish

We want to always consume the freshest, we have especially high requirements for seafood. But have you ever wondered how it is grown and gets to us?

The fishing business is a very exciting and at the same time difficult business. Before deciding, you need to study all the subtleties and pitfalls of this case.

In this issue, we tried to briefly and in detail tell about:
• Fish business from scratch
• Equipment and technologies
• Tipping points and solutions

And all this on a real example from a large fish farm "Aqua Service"


We visited the RAW life factory in Moscow and found out:
How are fruits and nuts selected for production?
- How is the production of bars going?
- How did the story of RAW LIFE begin?
- Is this business profitable?

INSTEAD OF COLA - 100% NATURAL JUICE? Without sugar and preservatives!

You probably like to drink juices from early childhood, but have you ever thought about how they are produced? And what can go wrong even if you have invested millions of dollars. In this issue, we visited one of the largest producers of natural juices, nectars and juice-containing drinks in the Kyrgyz Republic and dealt with the internal "kitchen" of production. To develop this plant was invested in 10 million dollars.

- How much was the game worth the candle?

How has the pandemic affected business?

- What is the "mission" of the manufacturers?

- And how does it affect the economy of the country?

"Eco Product Asia" company

General Director: Dastan Omuraliev

Brands: Organic, Toy, Joy, Mini Joy

TRADING on WILDBERRIES: HOW MUCH SEWING WORKSHOP owners earn / Business on Wildberry

Today it is hard not to notice how online trading is developing. This has become especially true during the pandemic. Our local merchants acutely felt all the "charms" of this period. Also today, well-known events add complexity.
One possible solution is to enter international marketplaces such as WILDBERRIES, Ozon, etc.
In this video, we tried to figure out how our merchants, sewing shops master online trading on the largest CIS marketplace - WILDBERRIES.
Be sure to watch this video to the end!


It is difficult for a modern person to do without assistants in domestic conditions, they greatly facilitate the economy and see a comfortable life.

For production, it is necessary to create a whole technological process - from the purchase of food materials, materials, components, to installation and production of final products. We are all, if possible, at the living sunrise of the high-tech company ARTEL.

 How to create a huge amount of household appliances that are used for the entire CIS and create jobs? Check out our release!


We visited the largest feed manufacturers to see with our own eyes how compound feed is produced.

We talked to farmers and found out:
- How much does a mini farm cost?
- How much can you pay for it?
How profitable is being a farmer?
- Is such a business useful to the country?

Honey Business: How to Make Money from Beekeeping [Honey Harvesting]

Did you know that bees can be trained? How is this business developing in Kyrgyzstan? We will visit the apiary and learn a lot of valuable interesting things about such a useful product as honey. A successful beekeeper will tell you everything about bees, about the benefits of honey, about how to distinguish real honey from fake. And we will visit the laboratory, where honey goes through all the testing before it gets to the store shelves! And of course, about the numbers:

- How much do you need to start a business?

- What documentation is needed?

- Operating expenses in beekeeping.


When there is nothing to eat at home, many often buy semi-finished products: manti, dumplings, dumplings, etc. Among the huge assortment on the market of semi-finished products, the brand "Mom's recipes" is also represented. Today we will figure out how the production workshop is arranged, what technologies are used, what are the difficulties, and what is the secret of business success in the production of semi-finished products.

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