The Berufsbildungszentrum Augsburg der Lehmbaugruppe gGmbH (BBZ) –as a vocational training centre in Southern Germany– has been providing people with innovative and continuing education trainings since 1990 for better career opportunities or social participation. At 14 locations in Bavarian Swabia, the BBZ aligns its educational offers with the current needs of business enterprises – qualifying and providing valuable specialists for the regional employment market.

As the managing authority of six schools and academies in different fields of work, like nursing, education, commercial and technical careers, we create purposefully the opportunity for our clients to pursue their career paths from basic training to management positions.

The BBZ is a constant partner of the regional economy and offers its customers a range of in-house products by customized qualification concepts and training approaches for the future-proof development of their organization and employees.

In addition, B2C and B2B customers benefit from our expertise in labour market focusing on trend scouting: In continuing education projects, we develop for our customers holistic educational concepts –mainly based on public funding– along current challenges.

As official partner of the EURES-network –the European Employment Services– we contribute to the EU right of freedom of movement and the regional requirement of skilled workers by conducting job placements, matching processes, language trainings and integration measures for individuals and groups. These services are coordinated and offered by werk361 - a newly established placement company by BBZ. 




werk361 is a brand of Berufsbildungszentrum Augsburg of Lehmbaugruppe gGmbH (BBZ) which offers the recruitment services by BBZ.

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