Algorithmics provides education of the future

Programming is the skill of the 21st century. Algorithmics combines offline and online education to teach children from 6 to 17 years old. Our team consists of professionals who love children and want to make learning simple, exciting, and fun. At Algorithmics, we help children take their first steps in STEM. Our students create video games, cartoons, and IT projects. They acquire skills in critical thinking and logical reasoning, presentation and project planning, teamwork, and more. No matter who they grow up to be, these children will take advantage of what they learn with us.

We have 5 awards that Algorithmics offers free education opportunities for students with disabilities. The goal is to promote equal opportunity and the full participation of students with disabilities by helping participants advance their awareness of the meaning of accessibility in education.


Algorithmics is an EdTech start-up focused on teaching computer programming for children 6 to 17 years old. We integrate information technologies into our students’ education and help children take their first steps into their future professions.

Algorithmics teaches children how to build computer programs; but more importantly, we develop children's logical thinking, creativity, and curiosity.

Our courses

The Coding Knight

The Coding Knight

For kids aged 6 to 7

Kids’ first dive into the fascinating world of algorithms and, code —using a play-based format and  with an emphasis on developing logical thinking

Digital literacy

Digital literacy

For kids aged 7 to 9

Kids learn how to use modern programs and apps for learning  and everyday life, and to critically evaluate information  they find online

Visual Programming

Visual Programming

A course for kids aged 9-10

The children learn programming basics in Scratch, a language designed for kids. Our students create simple projects, from basic animations to real games and cartoons

Video content makers

Video content makers

For kids aged 9 to 14

Students learn to make high-quality video content, feel confident in front of a camera,  and to grow their channels on YouTube and TikTok 

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

For kids aged 9 to 14

Students get to know the world of visual communication, from the basic tools used by graphic designers to the secrets of controlling a user's attention

Game Design

Game Design

For kids aged 10 to 11

All children are unique, but they all love one thing – games! We teach them how to design their own, and to take their first steps in this highly sought-after profession

Building Websites

Building Websites

For kids aged 11 to 13

Today, everyone who wants the world to know about them, their business or their passion needs to have a website. Whatever your child decides to become in the future, knowing how to create websites will give them a competitive advantage

Game Development in Unity

Game Development in Unity

A course for kids aged 12–14

Some kids don't dream of becoming actors, but movie directors - so they can share their vision of the world with other people. There are kids who don't want to play games, but instead create their own worlds. This course is for them. 

Python Start

Python Start

For kids aged 12 to 13

Kids learn to code in Python — one of the most popular programming languages in the world. They get to apply their knowledge in practice, creating programs for study, entertainment and everyday life

Python Pro

Python Pro

For teens aged 14 to 17

Kids learn how to code in Python and test their skills in the most future-oriented IT fields, from game development to machine learning expertise

Holiday camps

Holiday camps

For kids aged 7-12

During holiday camps children will work on projects, trying out various digital professions, such as web design, game design, and video content creation

Algorithmics for child

  • Visual programming language
  • Animated educational videos
  • The system is available outside the classroom on any computer with internet access
  • A system simulator for developing a basic understanding of algorithms

Algorithmics for teacher

  • Information on all the students’ answers, including homework
  • All the teaching materials are available in the system
  • Student results in real-time
  • A flexible system for monitoring assignment completion in the classroom and at home

Why do parents choose Algorithmics?

  • Our curriculum is developed by a team of experts in teaching methods, educators, and psychologists
  • Teachers in Algorithmics speak the same language as their students, love their subject, and know how to make children love it
  • Our educational IT platform is three-in-one: a smart class book, a project-oriented environment, and an interesting community

Educational IT platform

Our educational IT platform is a tool developed by the Algorithmics team for teaching, analytics, and communication:

  • Smart book with tasks, games, and hints. Children can study at their own pace: the platform analyses their progress and offers tasks of the varied difficulty
  • Project lab. Here, the student can practice their skills from the first classes: by collecting Scratch games or programming apps in Python ****
  • Interest Community. Children can share their projects right on the platform: they like, comment, and find friends among Algorithmics students all over the world
  • Education quality control. Large data analysis on the platform allows Algorithmics to control student's academic results and the quality of teachers' work

Own teaching methods

The course programs are developed by a team of 30 experts in teaching methods with pedagogical and psychological backgrounds.

The leading Algorithmics experts are candidates of sciences with international experience in modern technology projects and schools. They regularly update the existing Algorithmics courses according to the newest trends in IT, education, and the children's world.


The educational platform includes gamification and characters, and each course is based on its own storyline. Younger children can launch robots to Mars, rescue princesses or take part in a secret agent's operations, while teenagers can get real orders and make a career in IT companies.

Project-based approach

Algorithmics students create their own projects while learning — such as cartoons, games, websites and applications. At the end of each course module, students present their individual or group projects to their class.

Focus on the future

We meet the key needs of all parents.

Our students get:

  • Only the most relevant knowledge
  • Continuous learning (the ability to switch from course to course)
  • Preparation for choosing a future job

Algorithmics students don’t just learn to code or count. They also learn to find ideas for projects,  how to search for and verify information, distribute tasks, and present the results of their work to an audience.

Creativity, logic, critical thinking, teamwork, and public speaking are skills that make it easier for them to study at school, plan ahead and achieve their goals.

Languages at Algorithmics

Our courses are taught in Estonian, English, and/or Russian.

Our Mission

⚡To educate as many children around the world as possible, and prepare them for the future

Awards & Recognition


Q: Who developed the programming courses?

The curriculums for all of our courses are developed by a team of 30 professional teachers with backgrounds in pedagogy and psychology. Our leading teachers have PhDs and international experience of working on technology projects and in schools. They regularly update our existing courses, taking onboard the latest trends in IT, education and children's lives.

Q: What will my kid need for their classes?

Algorithmics are fully equipped with everything your child will need for comfortable and effective learning. Planning to learn online? All that you’ll need is a tablet with Android or IOS, plus headphones with a microphone (optional). The classes will take place on the Algorithmics learning platform using the Scratch Junior and The Coding Knight apps

Q: What should I do if my child misses a class?

You can always find the material they missed on our platform, and you can ask the teacher any remaining questions you have. If you have a lot of questions, the teacher will arrange an additional, personal lesson for them, so that they don't fall behind the rest of their group.

Q: Will my child receive a certificate when they complete their course?

Yes, all of our graduates receive an electronic certificate confirming that they’ve developed their knowledge and skills with Algorithmics.

Well, your eyes lit up, and your heart is pounding: Algorithmics?

Don't wait — send us your CV accompanied by a cover letter! Let's create cool education together!

We welcome applications from all suitably-qualified candidates, irrespective of gender, disability, marital or parental status, racial, ethnic or social origin, colour, religion, belief, or sexual orientation. In addition, during the various stages of recruitment, specific measures can be taken to ensure equal opportunities for candidates with disabilities or special needs.


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