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Kids and Family 2018

Enliven your days!

This year we will be introducing several innovations and a new format. In addition to the traditional fair, the popular family event is being held online for the first time. The free entertainment programme of the fair offers diverse fun activities and educational talks throughout the day. You will find exciting items for the whole family on the colourful shopping street.

The fair features organisations whose main target audience includes pre-schoolers, children at primary school and their parents. The expo offers sports gear, toys, clothes, shoes, children's furniture and food. It also showcases services, hobby groups and entertainment for kids.






Past Expos




Hello parents and parents to be! Welcome to the home of parenting excellence! While you take care of home and deal with the everyday stresses that come with being a parent, let Laps ja Pere take care of everything else:) Like providing you with a discounted shopping experience, internationally recognised brands and expert advice. Visit our online catalogue and let our home become your space of parenting greatness and excellence. With everything you need under one roof, we want to make your life a little bit easier. Happy Parenting!

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If a mother is well-prepared both physically and mentally before the birth of her child, it is likely that her birthing experience will be easier, more comfortable, gentler and often less painful. One way of giving birth and remaining less stressed is to use hypnobirthing techniques.

Hypnobirthing is a philosophy and method in obstetric care...



This online-catalogue -Baby- will feature boxes where parents can find a little bit of everything. You can find here baby care supplies, safe furniture, baby clothings, strollers, car seats, high chairs and more! There is nothing more precious than a baby!

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Welcome to toddlers world! Greetings to all the parents who have a 1 to 7 years toddler at home! We would like to present you the best products and services you need to support your child growth!

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Health and Safeness

The health of people is affected by the surrounding enviroment. You are the one who can do the best desicions about your health. Healthy eating, participating in various exercises, breaking up your body and mind through various stimulating activities is the biggest bonus to your well-being.

It is possible to teach health-related knowledge to your children at a very young age, so that cthey do not have as a adult-health problem or lack knowledge of how to take care of their own health.

At the health corner different health-related...

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Yomi bears are extremely pure vitamins that do not contain preservatives or artificial food-colouring. No gluten, trans-fats or gelatine are used in the production of Yomi’s preparations. All ingredients are natural and come with a high degree of quality and purity.
Yomi vitamins are suitable for the whole family. For kids as young as 1 year...

Entertainment and birthdays

A free play area makes the day fun

There are multiple ways to get entertained. In this section we have gathered child friendly places to go and have fun together. Also places to get your child play safe games in the Internet world. You will find great birthday party organizers, children playrooms and etc. Have fun together!

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The first years of child´s life, we are very careful choosing food for them. You can find here all about children nutrition, advice and great recipes, child-friendly places to go to eat. And of-course, the best offers!

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Goldberger OÜ is an Estonian-owned company that was established in summer 2009. Its main business areas are the importing, sale and marketing of food and consumer goods. We offer our partners customer-based sales, marketing, logistics and merchandising services. Our main partner in providing logistics services is one of Estonia's largest...



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