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ProCon offers contemporary, all-in-one solutions for producing and using energy, high-requirement industrial valves, control and safety devices and a range of complex devices for specific uses.

We have plenty of know-how and wide-ranging experience which we have amassed over many years of representing the company overseas.

We help you find ways of using existing resources more efficiently and offer technical support and maintenance on all our devices.

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Smartflower POP

The word's first all-round solar power system.

As soon as the sun rises, Smartflower POP switches on automatically, turns its solar modular fan (with an area of 18 m2) towards the sun and starts producing power for a warm shower, hot coffee and the radio to be on during breakfast.

Thanks to the solar tracking system, the ventilator follows the sun the whole day, even when it's cloudy. As a result it is more flexible than a static rooftop system and thus provides power more efficiently. The device even catches the last of the sun’s rays before it sets and makes sure you have enough power for the entire evening. Only then will it switch off and close automatically.

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Smartflower POP-e

The idea behind Smartflower POP-e unites the generation of clean solar power and the promotion of emission-free mobility.

It combines a unique all-round solar power system with effective charging stations for electric vehicles. With its 18 m² fan of solar modules, Smartflower POP-e generates around 4000 kWh/a of power, which is up to 40% more than a rooftop system of comparable size. The power can be used either directly or fed into a public grid, where it supports the integrated charging station, which can be used by both electric bicycles and cars with a power supply up to 22 kW.

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Smartflower POP Plus

Clean solar power whenever you need it has so far been an unachievable dream. Now we are closer than ever to fulfilling that dream, because Smartflower POP+ can turn solar power into electricity very efficiently and also save it in sufficient quantity.

The device is fully integrated into a comprehensive solar power system that works when plugged in like any other household device. It comes as an on-grid version with 2.3 kWh of storage or a completely independent off-grid version with 4.6 kWh of storage. The intelligent tracking function of PV modules ensures that the system uses the solar power as efficiently as possible the whole year round and constantly charges its batteries. This means you can also enjoy cloudy days without having to worry about power.

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