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In the seminar area we have uploaded various video-materjal about our services, innovative soulutions and materials that we use. In addition, you can find information about our history, how we started our business; more about our work process ect,. All the materials that we use are environmentally friendly and does not harm the enviroment. Also you can see some of our previous works that we have done.






Ureteck is a global leader in geopolymer manufacturing. Over 40 years of experience, the company has accumulated over 100,000 successfully completed projects.

Uretek is represented worldwide in 50 countries.

Urete's solutions and products are certified on the basis of various requirements.

Costumer challenges

Most typical challenges:

  • Sinking floors
  • Uneven floors
  • Cracks in the walls
  • Fractures in the road

Solutions across every sector

Different structures that we can fix:

  • Era houses/apartments
  • Commertial and industrial facilities
  • Infrastructure, public buildings and structures

Technical feasibility and Environment

Stability of Uretek Geopolymer in soil - long term solution

The video will be talked about:

  • Geopolymer tests
  • Characteristics
  • Surface contamination and geopolymers
  • Long-term solutions

Bearing capacity beneath the fundation

As an example we talk about our work in central London - Crosrail development


Typical solution for floors


  • Identification
  • Drilling
  • Inserting tubes
  • Injection
  • Controlling

Bridges, Infrastructure, Railways - Before and After



  • Non-disruptive process
  • Total added value
  • Long-term solution
  • Fully certified
  • Safe

Uretek Baltic at the talk-show Nurgakivi

At the talk-show we talked about following topics:

  • what causes sinking;
  • how we improve the soil;
  • what technologies we use;
  • what our work involves;
  • what does it mean for the customer.

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