Piusa Visitor Centre is located next Piusa Nature Reserve area. On that area are located Piusa sandstone caves, what are under protection since 1981. The importance of the caves is to preserve the biggest bat's hibernation colony in the North-East Europe. The aim of Piusa Visitor Centre is to give overview of the history of caves and explain the importance of protected species who are living on Piusa Nature Reserve area.






In 1948, the bats hibernating in the caves of Piusa were discovered. As the bats became increasingly numerous, the caves became a protected area in 1981 as the largest hibernating area for bats in the Baltic states. Currently, 3000 bats of five species have been counted in Piusa. Conditions in the caves of Piusa have long remained favourable for the bats: constant temperature and humidity, silence and darkness. The dimensions of caves are also essential in forming the large hibernating colonies, as well as the size of its openings, the existence of cracks in caves and character of the surrounding landscape. The congregating sites and especially hibernating sites are of very big importance in the protection of bats.

Piusa Visitor Centre

Conference room

At Piusa Visitor Centre is possible to watch short documentaries at the conference room. The documentaries are about Piusa Nature Reserve area history, nature and animals. At the conference room are unique chairs what are made of different local trees. Each chair is named after it's material.


The Visitor Centre of Piusa caves houses a museum, a seminar room for 50 people, a café and handicraft room for children. We provide guiding services, educational excursions for schools, workshops and seminars. You can take a guided tour of the Museum Cave. The 1.4 km nature trail introduces a typical heath forest community. In the visitor centre you can take a virtual stroll in the Piusa sandstone caves, using the 3D computer model, watch movies, examine the sands and glass more closely and take a look at the peculiar meteorite glass, find out about the life of bats and compete in the AHHAA cave game.


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Piusa küla Orava vald, 64122, Põlvamaa

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