Family vacation in Tartu & Tartu County

Family is the best thing a person can have. You, your family and friends are welcome to enjoy the exciting and friendly cultural environment of Tartu, the City of Good Thoughts, and Tartu County, where both parents and kids can have fun and learn new things. Many museums and tourism companies in the Tartu region offer interesting family activities.





Tartu Toy Museum

Located in an old wooden building in the heart of Tartu’s Old Town, the Toy Museum transports its adult visitors back to their most joyous childhood days and offers children plenty to see and do.
The permanent exhibit displays toys that children in Estonia have played with throughout the ages. The display also includes artist-made dolls, souvenir dolls from around the globe and traditional Finno-Ugric toys. The museum has play and workshop rooms, and the exhibit rooms also offer plenty to keep one busy. Alternating exhibits and children’s activities are organized at the museum.
The objective of the toy museum is to collect, preserve, study and introduce toys of Estonians and nations of other countries together with everything related to playing. The museum deals with the development of children’s culture and offers opportunities to spend free time for children and families.

Skatetown delights rollerskaters!

Skatetown Roller Rink is a new way of spending your free time actively in Tartu. You can visit every day alone, with family, a bigger group or friends.

In Skatetown you can relax and try out a new sports activity or polish off your already good skating skills. Rent your quad-skates from our 130 pairs in sizes 25-47EU and safety gear is for free. We always give instructions to beginners and happily show new steps to advanced skaters. We hold weekly roller-figure skating, roller derby and jamskating training sessions.

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Ice Age Centre opened a new snow cave

Ice Age Centre renewed its first floor and opened an exciting new snow cave, where people can see the life happening above and below snow. The snow cave is accessible for tall and short people.

At the snow cave, people will get the knowledge about life on the snow in four languages (Estonian, English, Russian and Latvian). There is information about animals, birds, insects and snakes living under or on the snow. People can see the nest of a hibernating bear, squirrel hiding food, fox hunting food and insects living in the snow. The whole activity is monitored by a snowy owl. In addition, to the mentioned activities, we are using a system that makes the person entering the snow cave feel like he or she is walking on snow.

Ice Age Centre is a theme park meant for the whole family – a place where you can get an interactive idea of the history of the Universe and our future. Ice Age Centre is a unique visiting centre in the Baltic States – you will see life-sized pre-historic animals and how the Estonian and world nature was formed. Ice Age Centre is opened every day from 11 to 18.

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New boutique hostel in Tartu!

Hektor Design Hostel Tartu is a boutique, created to offer a new service on the market – combining hotel quality with hostel prices – a special design product in itself. Our mission is to prove that an affordable stay can be provided in a convenient, modern & sophisticated manner, which makes Hektor the perfect choice of accommodation for every kind of traveller. Also, thanks to the versatility of the building, the hostel service can accommodate both short & long term clients – stay for as long as you need!

Aha, Let's Play!

Starting from 7 May, visitors of AHHAA are most welcome to explore „Aha, Let’s Play!“, the brand new hands-on exhibition on games. The exhibition arrives here from Mexico (and also makes its first ever appearance in Europe!).

See what your everyday toys would look like if they were ten times bigger and get a glimpse of the environment that is usually reserved for children. Find more HERE.


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Our client service is more than happy to answer Your questions!

To contact us choose one of the icons from above or leave us a quick Facebook message using the button below.