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Blunders Exhibitors Make

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Often the business expos make some blunders, as a result of which, instead of creating a good effect on the visitors, a wrong impression is created.

Increase your future sales from Expos by avoiding and correcting the following ten Tradeshow blunders:

1. Not Having An Eye-Catching Headline At The Expo


Exhibition Industry Heading to the Internet

A lot of exhibition organizers sense a lack of interest among the parties. Figures of participants are in decline, both visitors and exhibitors recur from year to year. There is no space for new organizers and the exhibition industry in Estonia seems to be at halt.

This year will witness the end of several well-known exhibitions that will cease...

The Future of Small Companies Hides in Digital

The key to a company’s success is the speed. The speed of reacting to economic changes, adopting new and efficient technology, coming up with creative solutions, innovating and reaching its target audience. Some things come easier for small-scale companies, other things work in the favor of big enterprises. Every company aims to be the giant...

The New Era of Online Exhibitions

It is apparent that a large part of our lives has become digitized over time or will do so in near future. Sure enough, trade shows and exhibitions are not an exception. Year 2016 proved that the whole concept of exhibitions is heading towards big and interesting changes at full speed. OnlineExpo has decided to take the lead and innovate the...

Exhibitions just a click away

Travel Expo, Building Expo, Career Expo, Work Expo… How does an average trade show visit look like? You wander around all day, pile up interesting brochures, but never actually take the time to give them another look. But at least you don’t have to worry about campfire material next time you go on a hike. Or you don’t even make it to the...

2 Simple Steps to Improve the Quality of Your Ideas

We know how important it is to keep constantly coming up with valuable ideas and how it can sometimes turn into a real anxiety-inducing struggle, draining you from energy, willpower and any mental resources. So here are a few very easy things to keep in mind for the year to come. By few we mean just two. No unnecessary clutter or catchy lists....