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3M window film quickly and effectively solves problems related to excess solar energy.

Window film makes regular glass better and more efficient in terms of temperature, indoor climate, eye health, privacy, heating costs, interior maintenance and exterior appearance.

No other solution offers all of these at once without obstructing the view! Your film will work for years without any additional costs or special maintenance. It is healthy, saves energy and reduces fixed costs. Window film makes life more comfortable.

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Energy Efficiency

Heating, ventilation and curtains can considerably raise the fixed costs of a building's maintenance, especially in the light of the constant increase in the cost of power and heating. In summer, the sun's radiation increases a building’s thermal load by 60%. 3M's efficient sun control film reduces the solar radiation coming in from windows by up to 84% and considerably reduces the need to cool air, allowing you to maintain the indoor temperature more efficiently.

Greater Comfort

Glare and intense heat make it difficult to maintain comfortable living and working conditions in buildings in summer. The ideal working environment is neither too hot nor too cold. Every degree above 23°C decreases productivity by 5%. 3M sun control film blocks most thermal radiation, creating the perfect indoor climate for working and living. Glare is also inconvenient and makes your eyes tired. 3M sun control film blocks out excess light and reflection, creating a perfect light cycle.

Reduced Fading

UV radiation is one of the main reasons behind the fading of colours and aging of materials. No film can completely prevent discoloration, but 3M window film reduces UV radiation by 99.9%, thus considerably slowing the fading process. 3M sun control film is very useful for protecting display items in store windows, galleries and museums, extending their good looks and durability.

Reduced Light and Reflection

It can be truly frustrating and tiring working with a computer or staring at a screen when the sun is shining on it. 3M sun control film reduces the amount of sunlight and protects your eyes against fatigue and tension. Night Vision and Prestige film has either a reduced metal content or is non-metallised. Thus Prestige film will remain unnoticeable once installed and neither its inner nor outer surface are reflective. The building's exterior will not change and the view will remain as good as ever.


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