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Aspera offers construction work in Estonia under the Aspera Ehitus trademark.

We focus on the construction of high-quality private residences as well as repairs and renovation work.

We can offer a full package should you wish – we gladly carry out all kinds of building, plumbing and electrical work and also offer an interior design service. We offer landscaping and paving services and repair facades as well. Everything a cosy home needs!

We are marked out by our speed, flexibility, quality and professionalism. These are the values our entire work is based on and which we want to provide to our customers via our services.

Don't hesitate to contact us!

Building Private Residences

We design and build high-quality private residences. Our builders are all professionals who are used to working quickly and accurately. We know that a poor construction project can be a real headache, so we focus on even the smallest details. The building process goes smoothly, the result is high-quality and our customers do not have to worry about careless work or fixing defects later on.

We make your life even more comfortable by providing an interior decoration service as well. Turnkey projects!

Building Non-Residential Buildings

We also have experience of constructing non-residential buildings – you can order commercial, service, public and industrial buildings, warehouses and other special projects from us.


Quality exterior work reduces a building's heating costs and improves the indoor climate. We can also install wind barriers, cladding and insulation, which lower heating costs by around 40%.

And of course, a revamped exterior looks good, lasts longer and prevents moisture from getting into the walls. It should also be noted that an aesthetically pleasing exterior considerably raises the market value of apartments and of the whole building.


It takes time to make old things new again, but the results are worth it. Renovations maintain the authentic feel and atmosphere of a building, which you definitely do not get from new buildings. Renovations can be a major project or simple tinkering, but the most important thing is that they are done to a high degree of quality.

We make sure the renovated rooms are well-ventilated, the temperature is appropriate and there is no water damage. We also pay attention to general safety. We breathe new life into tired old places!

Landscaping and Paving

A beautiful garden is the best calling card, as well as the best place to take time out and enjoy the greenery – even if it's only a small piece of land. Our goal is to create yards in which both your body and soul can rest. The key to success is clever planning and thorough consideration. We help to create functional and compact landscaping and paving solutions.

Electrical Work and Planning

There should be a spark in your life, but in the right place at the right time. Wall sockets, wires and other electrical solutions have to be safe, and safely installed. Aspera is happy to lend you a hand here as well – we install and replace wall sockets, switches, cables, wires and lights and connect all appliances to the power grid in a way that allows you to use them without ever having to worry.


Do you have a broken pipe? Or maybe it’s clogged? And perhaps the plunger isn’t helping? We also carry out plumbing and do our best to make sure you receive fast, high-quality work.

Completed Work


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