Deconstruction and Renovation in Estonia

The lecure is over!

The first panel focuses on various case studies from the field of deconstruction in Estonia. The first speaker, Priit Luman from Nordecon AS describes the large scale reconstruction of the Ugala theatre and the second speaker, Siim Suviorg from Purustaja OÜ gives insight into the deconstruction of the Park hotel right in the middle of Tallinn. The former Park hotel site now features the magnificent Hilton hotel. The panel will give insight into the work safety, planning and the cost of deconstruction.

Lecutre Priit Luman

At the lecture Priit Luman is talking about Ugala theatre renovation and topics as:

Ugala in figures
Tender process
About reconstruction

Lecture Siim Suviorg

During the lecture, Siim Suviorg (Purustaja OÜ) talks about the dismantling of Reval Park Hotel & Casino:

Demolition regulation in Estonia
General Demolition steps
Demolition of Reval Park Hotel & Casino
Project and planning
Sorting and processing of demolition wastes

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