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Practice Offer - Send your resume!
Profener OÜ

We are looking for the heating and ventilation engineer!

We offer the opportunity to come to our company for practice!

We are a Finnish company Ouman, Gebwell and Pamon (Pilpit) partner in Estonia. We cooperate with these companies
very closely with the energy-saving and control of complex solutions for the design and construction of the section. Are
The founding members of the Association of Estonian energy conservation. Our teams have long-term business cycle
Serving the Estonian market today with privat sector, apartment blocks and larger objects sector (Profener Ltd.)
and also specialize in building automation and energy management services (Automation Center Ltd.).

Candidates should assume a basic knowledge of heating and ventilation
field. From our side, we provide refresher training for the heat pumps, heat recovery, and automation equipment
part. We have been under surveillance for more than forty different apartment building located in Estonia. It is no longer there
theoretical information, but it is underpinned by practical numbers and indicators. One of the most insidious of
Tallinn apartment at E. Vilde tee 53, where the heat demand in 2015 was 638 MWh of heat pumps which produced 78%!

Technological development has reached the point where the different manufacturers of heat pumps are equally reliable and effective. thus
not so much matter what the manufacturer "box" to choose from, but important is the knowledge of how to solve the entire heating system.
What energy sources to choose where and how to apply the heat to the heat produced and so on. Great emphasis we
committed and product automation. Our latest solutions are all over the Internet monitored and controlled. also
income and expenses on a daily basis to see on a computer or smart devices.

See you at the fair Build-IT!


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