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We are specialized in heat recovery systems with heat pumps on the renovated apartment buildings. Our main partners in Finland are Ouman Oy, Oy Pamon Ab and Gebwell Oy. Together we are building automated and energy efficient solutions. We are founding members of the “MTÜ Eesti Energiasäästu Assotsiatsioon”. Our team has a long-term experience in private sector and in apartment buildings sector (Profener OÜ). Additionally we are specialized in building automation and energy management services (Automation Center OÜ).

Technological development has reached the point where the different manufacturers of heat pumps are equally reliable and effective. Therefore, it is more important to know how to solve the entire heating system, what energy sources to choose, where and how to apply the heat etc. Our latest solutions are all monitored over the Internet (over 40 objects).

The list of our latest works can be found on the bottom. All these objects have heat recovery with heat pumps. For more detailed information visit our website (www.profener.ee):

  • E. Vilde tee 53, Tallinn (The heat consumption in 2015 was 638 MWh, of which the heat pumps produced 78%)
  • J. Sütiste tee 24, Tallinn (The heat consumption in 2015 was 303, of which the heat pumps produced 77%)
  • Järveotsa tee 17, Tallinn (The heat consumption in 2015 was 462 MWh, of which the heat pumps produced 39%)
  • Pärna tee 3, Tamworth (Object finished last year)
  • Pärnu maantee 135, Tallinn (Object finished last year)
  • Riia maantee 34A, Viljandi (Object finished last year)
  • Roosi tee 8, Tallinn (The heat consumption in 2015 was 272, of which the heat pumps produced 62%)
  • Sõpruse puiestee 202, Tallinn (The heat consumption in 2015 was 1 066 MWh, of which the heat pumps produced 62%)
  • Sõpruse puiestee 246, Tallinn (Object finished 31/01/2017)
  • Tähe 40, Tallinn (Object finished 02/02/2017)
  • Valdeku 118, Tallinn (under construction, installed “Energiahaldur” monitoring system )







+372 5620 4545

Sõpruse puiestee 151a, Tallinn

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